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Request a custom order on my Etsy

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 9.37.36 PMI just added a custom order form on my etsy for pen & ink and watercolor. Please spread the word and if you know of anyone that would be interested please share. Thanks!!


House etsy order


This is my current custom etsy order. 1 of 4 houses that I will be doing. Customer wanted to have a drawing of the houses she used to live in. Really neat project!
I welcome custom orders on my etsy!
If you have a house, location, car or sayings that you want hand lettered, just reach out on my etsy!

Be Joyful Always

Starting my work days off by doing a handlettering illustration every day. Some I will digitally alter like this one, and others will just be with my fountain pen or sharpie. Pursue whatever encourages your creativity!
Depending on how many likes I get on a certain illustration it will go on my etsy store.