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Goldfish illustration


I was just about to eat this big bag of goldfish and then the scene from Nemo popped in my head:)


Le Consulat- Sketch at work

Le consulat

Lately I have been in the mood to sketch different cafe’s. I think of James Gulliver Hancock and his illustrated buildings in New York. Would be fun to do a large series on different cafes. Now that I made myself a small travel watercolor set from an altoid tin, I try to do a sketch while on lunch break. Since I’m not right in a big city, I have collected images on pinterest that would love to draw and when break comes I decided which one to paint. It is such a great escape and recharges me for the second half of the work day.

My Morning





Today I had to take my vehicle to the mechanic. While my truck was getting fixed, unlike most people who sit and read a magazine, I got so much done! Prepared for Sunday school lesson with coffee, made two handletterings, sketched in the park and then had lunch in Kent. Then I put in a half day of work at Joann Fabrics ( I am now a Designer for headquarters, pretty amazing job!) I wish 1 day a week I could just go into work later 😛

Sailboat- Sketching on location

sailboat sketch

Sketching on Location during my short vacation. First sketch I used watercolor and my fountain pen. Starting to not care for drawing on location with my fountain pen:O I didn’t get a nice flow of ink on the paper. A lot of gaps. Also, the ink that I am using doesn’t dry very fast, so I end up with smears. Then I decided to just use a sharpie and vwalla! Trial and error:)