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Creative and effective Ad

Rather than creating an advertisement that is like everything else, Ogilvy wanted to create a campaign that shows that IBM wants to help people. In my own design, I always want to break out of normalcy and create something that is helpful and unique. I treat normalcy almost as a disease and I want to stay far away from it. As designers, we should all be creating concepts and ideas that surprise our audience. Give people something to remember. How can I make this interact or strike someone to create a response. We should want people to respond to our work. Break out of the normalcy and stand out.

This is why I love environmental design especially. There’s only so many things you can do with catalogues and brochures. Sure if you have the right budget you can get creative with the paper engineering, but I want to make an impact. It’s like photography. I don’t want to take pictures of everyday life just because a client needs pictures. I don’t want to shove out normal work. I want to show something compelling and unique. Capturing the right photo takes time.

Personally, as a creative designer about to graduate in a couple of weeks, I am figuring out if I should be selective with my first job out of college or just take anything, even if that means I will be working on catalogues and layouts. Coming out of college I have high expectations, but in reality it is vicious out there and maybe I should just take what I can get, and when I am financially stable then move to the big city. Either way I know that I will not get trapped into normalcy and be comfortable with just a job. I challenge people to not be comfortable with the norm, but make everyday unique and strive to make a change. If your life goal is just to have a job and provide for your family, I challenge you to expand from that and desire to change the world.


David Droga, Advertising

Video of David Droga talking about what Advertising does and how to do it right.

My thoughts: I liked when he said that the first thing that you need to think about is What is the Strategy? Why would people care? I love ads that are honest and connect with the human emotion. Something that grabs the hearts of every human being. Advertising is able to change the world little by little. Viewing Advertising as an encouragement through life rather than an annoyance.




JCPenney Rebrand Begs for Mercy

Link to blog I read:

My thoughts: It is very interesting to read about the last ditch effort that JCP pulled to try and get customer’s in the store again. I walked in the mall for the first time in about 7 months and when I saw JCP’s new design I flipped out. I thought it was unbelievable! Just like what you would see in a magazine. So slick, but looking way out of my price range. Don’t really think this was a good move on JCP’s part. Their target audience has always been middle class everyday people. Dont think an $1800 sofa is in the price range for JCP’s audience. Unless they are trying for a new audience? But I have yet to see a JCP ad campaign to make people aware of the massive change. Then again, I watch about an hour of tv a week.