About Me


My name is Dan Hazlett II and I am an Urban Sketcher, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, and Hand-Letterer. All of my life I have been a creative person and it all started when I was 8 years old and got my first camera. I had the eye for photography, which carried over to my design and illustration work. It wasn’t until college that I really got to explore my sense of design and creativity.

“I love when people look at my illustrations and say “I wish I could do that, I just can’t draw.”  I smile because that is exactly what I said about myself for many years.
“Talent is another word for passion and hard work.”


I would like to work my way up to becoming a Creative Director and also having an online shop where I could sell my illustration work: cards, notebooks, framed work, wrapping paper, and a few published illustrative children’s books.

My Journey
I have never taken an art class before I came to college. Back in high school when I was trying to find some direction for my life, I heard about a graphic design class that was offered. I signed up, not knowing anything about it. After taking graphic design I-IV in high school, I decided to go to Kent State for Visual Communication Design. I was required to take many illustration classes, which made me second guess if this was for me. I just wanted to play in Photoshop and Illustrator. I struggled in my Illustration classes, trying all different mediums. I couldn’t find a style that I connected with. I tried acrylic, collage, pastel, very detailed watercolor paintings, pen and ink, but no one saw any potential. But then I took a class with Professor Douglas Goldsmith. He saw the talent, and he pushed me and encouraged me. I borrowed many books of his, including the first book he showed me, “An Illustrated Life, by Dan Gregory.” I instantly fell in love with the loose sketches and urban sketching. I have been exploring this new style ever since. For someone that classified themselves as a person that can’t draw, I say keep exploring and practice!

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