Olive Garden Logo Redesign?

I normally just post Illustration work, but I called this a Sketching and Design blog for a reason. Reason being, I am a Graphic Designer too.

After seeing that Olive Garden has changed their logo, I have a couple of thoughts that I wanted to share. The Logo was redesigned by Darden Company and lets just say since the reveal their shares went down 5%.

If you click on the header, you can click on the Link where the “Action Plan” PDF is posted


My Thoughts:
Olive Garden has always been one of my favorite restaurants. A little taste of Italy and such a unique environment with the stucco walls and Frank Sinatra playing in the background. If Olive Garden still is represented this way, then the new logo does not hold up and represent this restaurant at all. The stucco look has been lost and replaced with a flat and modern look. I want to remember Olive Garden as an authentic Italian Restaurant because that’s what it was. The logo doesn’t even fit the building style. Why make Olive Garden more modern. What’s next? Putting plastic siding on the exterior and sanding the interior walls and painting dark blues and grays?

Actually that is pretty close! Just saw the redesigns of the interior and exterior. Olive Garden will now look like Pañera and Applebees? Olive Garden was a little part of Italy. It was authentic! Why have it fit in with all of the other Americanized Restaurants. Now we will have another Applebees and Olive Garden is history.


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